InGrain Pastificio

Better Pasta Produced On The Coast - A Cascading Story.

Inspired by the accessibility to our diverse selection of organic, fresh, western grains. No longer destined only for export to Italy and other countries around the world. A return to nutritional ancient grains and single farm origin grains.

We believe that our grains have a sense of terroir that can be observed through a simple bronze-die extruding process and carefully slow drying. The traditional slow drying process is crucial for preserving the high nutritional content of the fresh grains and differentiates our pasta from the mass produced pastas available today in our marketplace. Small production, slow food. 

We chose to build a test kitchen and pasta cafe so that we can produce and promote the virtues of the grains and water that we have readily available in our special region  Come in and sample Chef Erick Kauko's marriage of grains, shapes and flavours or have your meal packaged to enjoy with your family at home. Look for InGrain Pastificio noodles in select west coast retail stores.


Better western grains

Lets get something straight... Noodles come from China, Pasta comes from

Italy but the ingredients for both come from Western Canada.

The Italians perfected pasta in a little town just south of Napoli called

Gragnano. This town and the pasta produced there have been given

protected status under European law. Indicazione Geografica Protetta (IGP).

Gragnano pasta must adhere to some strict guidlines in order to qualify for

the IGP status.

1. It must be extruded through a bronze die

2. It must be dried at low temperatures for 6 - 60 hours

3. It must be produced and packaged within the Gragnano area.

4. Local water from the Lattari mountains must be used.

etc. etc.

Alarmingly, it does not state where the grains should come from

and that is because, whether it's the small, traditional pastificios in Gragnano or the

largest producers in the world, many source grains from western Canada.

This is a Cascadian story.

We are blessed with an amazing terroir for growing various different grains from Hard Durum and the many different clones to Spelt, Einkorn, Emmer or Buckwheat. All produce excellent pasta!

There are only two

ingredients in good quality, super traditional, dried pasta... flour + water and we have an

abundance of both right here in the Pacific Northwest.